Mary Wirtz


Hi there!  I am Mary-- full-time mom, full-time clinical Registered Dietitian specializing in pre and postnatal nutrition for mamas and mamas-to-be, and also part-time marathoner. I have an overwhelming passion for all things momming, nutrition (mostly healthy, mostly plants) and running.  My goal is to help optimize nutrition and foster healthy relationships with food and wellness throughout pregnancy and beyond!

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nutrition consultation

& coaching for

mamas, mamas-to-be,
& athletes

Here's how I can help you as there is no

one-size fits all approach to nutrition!

-Initial consultation and personal assessment to get to know you and your goals!

-Custom meal plan designed and tailored to your individual needs and goals

-Wellness coaching services to help you on your personal journey for ongoing support

-Help you build confidence in sustaining your goals long term

Let's chat:

-Meal planning tips and tricks

-Meal and snack timing

-Overhauling your kitchen and pantry to facilitate a healthy lifestyle

-Vitamin and mineral intake and supplementation

-Specific health considerations: gestational diabetes, twin pregnancy, hypertension,

excessive weight gain, etc

-Fueling right to optimize your pregnancy, postpartum journey, and/or athletic performance

-Help you build confidence in sustaining your goals long term

-Resources to help you on your new journey


*All services are available in person in Rochester, MN, as well as anywhere in the world via email, phone, text message, and virtual support



“Mary made nutrition throughout pregnancy easy-to-understand, realistic, and FUN.  I have been working with her postpartum to optimize my personal goals and my family goals!”